• About the Temple Project

    "So Solomon built the temple and completed it." - 1 Kings 6:14

    For more than 46 years Deliverance Temple Ministries has been fighting the things that “kill, steal, and destroy” individuals, families, and communities. Whether they are things like hunger, addiction, and sickness or less obvious attackers like loneliness, the challenges of raising children, and that feeling of having no purpose in life, we are fighting back with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of caring people.


    In 2002 when our sanctuary and classrooms were destroyed by an arsonist’s fire, it was like a gut punch. However, as quickly as we could, we resumed our ministry work and began planning to rebuild. Four years later we left the gymnasium of our multipurpose building and held our first service in a newly constructed sanctuary. Suddenly we were able to do so much more!

    Since then we have continued serving the community, not only by offering powerful worship services and in-depth teaching of God’s word, but also through programs for youth, a monthly mobile food pantry that has served as many as 600 people per month, and re-entry services to men formerly incarcerated (more on this in a moment). Along with these and other ministry programs, we have continued to believe God for the complete elimination of the remaining mortgage debt incurred after the fire.


    Unhindered by this debt, we will be able to move forward more aggressively in the fight in which God has engaged us. That fight will be won as we minister to more people, more seniors; more people battling drug addictions (recently, there were nearly 50 overdoses in our county in a single week); more families with children; and the many more locally and around the world who will hear the Gospel though an expanded media and internet reach.


    Our goal is an ambitious one, three million dollars ($3 MM). Of course, we’re not asking you for that whole amount (unless that’s what God places on your heart).


    But please consider what part you can do to strike a blow against the evil one with us this Season. Whether your gift is for $10, $50, $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 we’ve made it simple and easy for you to help.


    If you'd like to read about the Temple Project in more detail, please follow this link to our Case for Support. Thanks!


    Deliverance Temple is a federally exempt 501 (c)(3) organization, so your contribution is tax deductible.

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